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Meet the Team

Noelle Federico - CEO

A lifelong learner, Noelle has dedicated the majority of her professional life to becoming a leader, a professional coach, and a seasoned results strategist. A published author and Professional Certified Coach, Noelle is the CEO of Staff Agency Com LLC. She is a certified Practitioner in Wiley Everything DiSC and The 5 Behaviors, a member of The John Maxwell Team and Dare to Lead trained. She is also the founder of A Generous Heart, a non-profit organization that supports youth literacy programs in local communities. Additionally, she is a member of the FORBES HR Council. She has more than three decades of executive experience across a variety of industries including corporate finance, operations, and communications. She hosts a weekly social media live stream, The Coffee Chat Show on Saturday mornings and is the creator of The Working Warrior Mom brand which has a collective reach of over 2.2 million people per month. Outside of work, Noelle can be found spending time drinking coffee and reading.

Josh Kerner - President

A people person through and through, Josh has always found the recruiting industry to be a natural fit for his personality. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and turned corporate culture on its head, Josh was already searching for the next big step in his career. Enter, Staff Agency: a newly emerging boutique recruiting firm looking for an experienced staffing professional to lead the charge. Josh made the leap and joined Staff Agency as President, ushering the company into a period of fast-paced growth and expansion. A devoted husband and father of three, Josh spends his free time with his family or making music with his friends as a self-proclaimed jam band enthusiast.

Karen Siegel - Managing Director

A former New Yorker, Karen cut her teeth working in the fast-paced world of PR and Marketing. A fast learner who quickly thrived, Karen spent time working at some of the top agencies in the city representing brands including The Ritz-Carlton and Estée Lauder, along with various other luxury lifestyle brands. In 2020, Karen turned her attention to HR and Recruiting, navigating the ever-changing landscape of COVID. Now, Karen joins the fast-growing team at Staff Agency as the newest member of the company’s Business Development department. As a new resident of Florida, Karen spends her spare time at the beach with her beagle puppy named Bagel or mentoring young women who are newly entering the corporate world.

Steven Waudby - Managing Director

A former professional basketball player and a lifelong networker, Steven found fast success in the staffing industry after transitioning from the world of professional sports. In 2021, Steven joined the Staff Agency team as a Senior Recruiter, attracting top-performing candidates with his consultative approach and unwavering commitment to results. In his role, Steven also serves as a mentor and leader to the others on his team and dedicates a great deal of his time to training new employees. Outside of his work at Staff Agency, Steven can be found biking around his home state of Michigan, hiking, and spending as much time as possible with his family and his four-legged companion, Teddy.

Nick Ferrer - Manager of Recruiting

Nick’s staffing career began in 2010, working for a boutique agency as an IT technical recruiter. Nick primarily focused his recruiting efforts in technical consulting, federal market and mid to large market cap companies. Nick joined the Staff Agency team as Manager of Recruiting, bringing over 10 years of management experience. He is excited to mentor newcomers and continue making strides in various markets. Nick is a native Floridian, and moved to Colorado where he enjoys snowboarding, hiking, golf and spending time with his goldendoodle Layla.

Bryant Miller - Executive Recruiter

Working 10+ years in the corporate world, the staffing industry wasn’t initially on Bryant’s radar. With no upward mobility, Bryant decided to set his sights on a new career path in recruiting. With his people-first approach and self-starter attitude, Bryant found rapid success in his role building long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike. Outside of work, Bryant enjoys spending time in nature with his wife and son.

Carly Goldman - Executive Recruiter

Originally from Long Island, NY, Carly moved to Florida a few years ago to pursue a Bachelor's of Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. She finds value in seeking the perfect candidate for the perfect opportunity and fulfilling challenging roles. In Carly’s free time, she likes to volunteer with nonprofit organizations that help the community with hurricane disaster relief. She loves to travel and learn about new cultures.

Mike Tzavlas - Executive Recruiter

As a former college athlete and coach, Mike dedicated the first portion of his life to soccer. In 2020, Mike decided that it was time to build a career for himself outside of soccer and joined a program to teach English in China. Unfortunately, Mike’s plans coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and his trip was canceled. From there, Mike was looking for opportunities to move away from North Carolina and to New York City and he accepted a position with a contingency-based firm in the city. After a few months, Mike made the jump to the recruiting industry, working for a technology-focused consulting company before joining Staff Agency as a recruiter in September 2022. When he’s not placing candidates, Mike can be found riding his bike around Central Park or watching soccer with his friends.

Erin Lockwood - Master Trainer

A constant student, Erin has dedicated her career to learning about people in all forms. After earning her undergraduate degree in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Erin went on to work as an academic advisor at Southern New Hampshire University for seven years before teaching an introductory course for upcoming freshmen. Now, as head of the Training Division at Staff Agency, Erin is creating a detailed course for the Staff Agency team, focusing heavily on building customer service skills while also providing professional development sessions and group coaching. When she’s not teaching, coaching, or counseling, Erin is recharging by being outside, doing yoga, or spending time with close family and friends.